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February 3-4: Michele Bachmann joins Jan in studio for a two-part series.

February 10-11: Michele Bachmann returns for part two of our two-part series.

February 17-18: Our guest, David Fiorazo, says truth is being redefined in frightening ways.

February 24-25: Jan, Eric and Jill discuss "destiny cards", which some are saying are a "Christianized" form of tarot cards. Why does Bethel Church, Redding, CA, seem to be ok with this?  And who is "Christalignment" which seems to have originated this?


March 3-4: Jan's guests for the hour include Bill Salus and Brigitte Gabriel. 

March 10-11: We play Amir Tsarfati's second conference message from October 7, "Europe: Closer to the Antichrist." This was at our annual "Understanding the Times" conference.

March 17-18: Two pastors - Tom Hughes and Mark Henry - talk with Jan about the remnant church. Why is it so difficult for people to find a church??  Why are Christians feeling so alone and unable to hear topics of importance including eschatology? Are you a "remnant believer" and what is a "remnant church?" What if you never fit into a church again?

March 24-25: Our two pastor guests return - Tom Hughes and Mark Henry - to discuss Hughes' new book, "America's Coming Judgment: Where Is Our Hope?"  There is a reason America is not in Bible prophecy.


March 31 - April 1:  Dr. David Reagan talks to Jan about the 13 "watchmen" Reagan feels God has appointed to warn America.

April 7-8: Jan and Eric Barger talk about a literal "home invasion" when it comes to technology. Nothing you have is private.

April 14-15: Jan's first guest is Stephen Bennett. Why is the church caving to the gay and transgender agenda? Is this just an end-time sign or something more sinister?





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