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Palestine“Palestine” is a fantasy-land. That is why we head this category “Palestine?” “Palestinians” are simply Arabs like Jordanians, Syrians, etc. In 2006, the “Palestinians” voted into power, as their leaders, the violent terror group known as Hamas. They ousted the slightly more moderate group Fatah, currently headed by Mahmoud Abbas. But how much more moderate is Fatah? Abbas earned his PhD with a paper on the fiction of the Holocaust. Neither side will recognize Israel’s existence, yet the Western world insists Israel make “peace” with both parties. “Palestine” and the “Palestinian” cause only came about in the mid 1960s when Yaser Arafat put the movement on the map.

Thursday, 03 March 2016 06:49

Who Are the Palestinians?

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Just exactly who are the Palestinians anyway? The answer to this question can be found in two parts: the ancient Philistines and the modern-day Palestinians.

The modern-day Palestinians have taken up the mantle of the ancient Philistines in that they are Israel’s closest and most intimate enemy.

Palestine was first used as a name to describe a small portion of the ancient land of Canaan. It is a translation of “Philistia” and refers to the ancient land of the Philistines. The ancient Philistines were a “sea people” migrating from the Aegean Islands (Crete) and Asia Minor to the Eastern Mediterranean at the beginning of the 12th Century B.C.

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