Fathers Day Confusion As Trans Mothers Want to Be Fathers

Prophecy News Watch

As noted by Hank Berrien at the Daily Wire, “Just in time for Father’s Day, CNN brings you the story of a biological female who refers to herself as a transgender man who, after taking testosterone to ‘transition,’ conceived a child with a man who was ‘transitioning’ into a transgender woman but stopped taking hormones long enough that they could conceive a son.”

Wolves Not Sparing the Flock (Part 1)


Jan Markell spends the hour with parents who lost their daughter to Bethel Church, Redding, CA and the New Apostolic Reformation in part 1 of a 2-part program. Learn the tactics used, the efforts to rescue Caitlin, and how to prevent this happening to someone you love. What is the Kundalini spirit? Learn what happens when signs and wonders are taken too far. Dirk & Joan Miller are willing to respond to you by writing them at joel3.16b@outlook.com

Is the John 17 Movement a Part of a Global Religion Effort?

By Geri Ungurean

We must not forget that Satan comes as an angel of light. Do you notice the “Grandfatherly way that this pope speaks to the world?  He does not raise his voice. His expressions remain calm with a “Let us reason together my children” look on his face and in his eyes. This is why so many who are not grounded in God’s Word and have fallen for the Social Justice Gospel, are being seduced and duped by this tool of Satan himself!